Yuval Hadash

Yuval Hadash, M.A.

Contact Information

Department of Psychology, University of Haifa
Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel, 3498838

Education and Training

Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology, University of Haifa, 2012 – Present
University of Haifa

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2014
University of Haifa

B.A. in Psychology and “Ofakim” Honors Program, 2012
University of Haifa

Clinical Psychology Internship, 2018 – Present
Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, Emek Medical Center, Afula.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training, 2019
Bangor University, UK

Level 2 Training to Teach Mindfulness-based Courses, 2017
Bangor University, UK

Biographical Sketch

Yuval Hadash is a psychologist and a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Haifa. His research interests are focused on understanding and measuring core processes in mindfulness and its mechanisms of action, examining processes of changes in mindfulness based interventions, and development of mindfulness-based interventions for clinical populations. He is specifically interested integrating Buddhist conceptualizations of mindfulness, self-referentiality, equanimity, awareness, and meta-cognition into scientific theories and research. He is currently working on several research projects investigating novel behavioral measurements of these processes, and was awarded a Mind and Life Varela Award to fund his research on behavioral measurement of mindfulness. Yuval is also engaged in development and implementation of a Mindful Trauma Recovery for Refugees (MTR-R) intervention among east African refugees. He is conducting psychotherapy as a clinical psychology intern in the mental health outpatient clinic at the Emek Medical Center, and is teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and mindfulness courses for psychotherapists.

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