Iftach Amir

Contact Information

Department of Psychology
University of Haifa
Mount Carmel Haifa, Israel 31905

Education and Training

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2008-2011.
Master of Arts in Clinical Neuropsychology Psychology, 2011-present,
University of Haifa.
Psychotherapy practicum, Mazra Mental Health Center, Acre.

Neuropsychological practicum, Cognitive Neurology Unit, RAMBAM Hospital.


Biographical Sketch

Iftach Amir completed his undergraduate and graduate (Master’s in combined Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology) studies in Psychology at the University of Haifa. His Master’s thesis focused on the relations between covert and overt biases of emotional attention and was awarded a Scholarship for Excellence in Studies. Currently, Iftach is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Haifa and pursuing his research in the Observing Minds Lab. Iftach’s research focuses on the role of internal attention (e.g., attention to thoughts and memories) and its (dys)regulation in mental health. Accordingly, he is currently working on several research projects investigating the roles of selective attention and attentional disengagement from negative self-referential thoughts in repetitive negative thinking, worry and rumination. Iftach has received the Excellence in Studies scholarship from the University of Haifa and a member of the University of Haifa’s Graduate Leadership Team class of 2018-2019.


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