Ariel Zvielli, M.A

Contact Information 

Department of Psychology

University of Haifa

Mount Carmel Haifa, Israel 31905



Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, 2011 - present

Master of Arts in Clinical-Educational Psychology, 2008-2010

Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Computer Science, 2004-2008

 University of Haifa


Clinical Training  

CBT Training Program, 2015-present
Hosen Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Clinical Internship – Clinical Psychology, 2012-2016
Tamuz Institute for Psychological Treatment, Haifa, Israel

Clinical Child Psychology Practicum, 2009-2010
The Child & Family Unit, Naharia Hospital

Educational Psychology Practicum, 2009-2010
Educational Psychology Services, Kiriat Bialik

Clinical Child Psychology Practicum, 2008-2009
Educational Psychology Services, Municipality of Zvulun

Educational Psychology Practicum, 2008-2009
Nitsanei Zvulun Elementary School, Municipality of Zvulun


Biographical Sketch

Ariel Zvielli completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Haifa. Ariel is currently on his fifth year of doctorate studies in the Haifa University Psychology department and a member of the International Research Collaborative on Anxiety.

Both his research and clinical orientation was initially influenced by his work with children and their families at-risk at Tirat Hacarmel welfare services, during his undergraduate studies. His current research interests are focused on mechanisms underlying the development and maintenance of anxiety and traumatic stress related disorders. His MA thesis research was focused on elucidating malleable, cognitive-affective factors that may be associated with risk and resilience to psychopathology following traumatic stress exposure. His PhD dissertation is focused on how emotional attention influences the development and maintenance of psychopathologies. Specifically, Ariel’s research is aimed to conceptualize and measure emotional attention as a dynamic process in time. Furthermore, together with the OML team, he develops novel, computerized intervention delivering real-time feedback on emotional attention, designed to enhance attentional control and awareness to emotional attention. Ariel’s research is intended to generate knowledge to advance clinical implications of attentional processes to treatment and prevention of psychopathology and addictions. 


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